Airbuddy Tankless Dive System

We featured the Airbuddy once before, and are happily breaking a general rule of not posting more than once about the same product. We just think this tankless dive system is too cool for people not to get together to make it a reality. The concept is one that a lot of people have probably had –> ditch the SCUBA tank and have a hose run to a pump on the surface. Well, the AirBuddy folks have figured out a great way to make that a reality. The whole thing can pack down to a size that easily travels with you, and it has critical safety features like a flag and giant red floating buoy to hold the pump up. The air intake is almost impossible to flood, and the battery can run for 45 minutes. You can dive to a maximum of 40 ft. There are numerous safety features, and the battery recharges in 3.5 hrs.

Benefits to a system like this are plentiful. Most people aren’t into the sport enough to have all their own gear, plan ahead to rent, or even have the training to do deep dives. With AirBuddy, you don’t have heavy gear on your back, don’t have to worry about adjusting buoyancy as your tank loses air, you have less drag in the water, setup is simple, and you can easily get to any dive site with everything you need. You don’t have to leave a crate of expensive stuff on land somewhere. Most people are going to use something like this for easier snorkeling, but with a depth of 40 ft., you can definitely have some fun with reefs and explorable areas. If you do decide to go down low, please get the training you need to be safe!

The AirBuddy is funding right now on kickstarter with pledges that get you a full setup starting at about $983 (44% off retail!) for the super early bird then going up to $1,278 later in the campaign.

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