Adventure Tape

Adventure Tape Review

Adventure Tape is a crazy useful multi-purpose tape that isn’t sticky so won’t ruin your stuff. Wait, it’s tape, but it’s not sticky? Yep. It sticks to itself like there’s no tomorrow, but doesn’t stick to other stuff. That might seem counterintuitive for tape but it actually opens up a world of possible uses. Their kickstarterĀ can cover them better than I can here, but things like an impromptu clothing line in camp and keeping your luggage closed give you a taste. Oh yeah, it’s also completely waterproof so you can seal leaks with it. It’s also more abrasion resistant than duct tape, so you can use it to protect high wear areas. Once you’ve found a million uses for it and it starts to get a bit grubby, no worries, just wash it off and you’ve practically got a new roll of it. Incredible. Pledge $28 for a multi-pack that includes the thin, medium, and thick sizes.

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