AARMED ST Survival Tube

Where to even start with this ultimate survival system. Eschewing the false bravado of so many survival systems that play to our chest thumping tendencies by looking like aggressive weapons of some sort, the AARMED ST is an all business system based on the main cylinder to which several other components fit on or in. It includes tools like a fresnel lens for starting a fire with the sun’s light, holes for attaching the included slingshot tubing and firing the projectile of choice, a tall cup that can hold water for boiling and a special base for holding charcoal or firestarting bundles. Strip down some paracord and you can do some bowfishing. Attache the EDC component and make a spear or fishing reel. It even comes with a knife blade that can attach and be used for a million things. This barely even scratches the list of uses for the AARMED ST. It’s a legit survival system that deserves a place in any emergency or bugout bag. Pledges on their kickstarter campaign that get you the basic kit start at $126.

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