Soberdough Beer Bread Mix

Excellent! Party-Time ( in Wayne & Garth voices)! Soberdough is out to save all those booze soaked wannabe beer bread makers who have zero kitchen skills but want to make their own tasty beer bread from scratch-ish. Soberdough has 15 flavors of pre-packaged beer bread mixes ranging from sweet to savory as well as good old plain. For $9, you can pick one and mix it with your favorite 12 oz. bottle of beer then toss it in the over for 45 minutes. Next stop Happy Town! Of course, baking it cooks out all the alcohol, but I’m assuming you’ll pass the 45 minutes appropriately drinking the other beers in that six-pack you bought for this purpose. Unfortunately, these aren’t Amazon Prime eligible, so you’ll have to wait a couple days to get one, but it will be worth it!

Get it.