Ruby Chocolate

“Oh, you invented the self-driving car? That’s cute. I invented a new kind of chocolate.” That’s what I imagine Barry Callebaut saying to anyone who has ever invented some kind of ground breaking technology. As a society, we love technology and everything it can do for us. But technology can never be as grand as a our snacks. Well, Mr. Callebaut is about to flip our lives upside down with the invention of a fourth type of chocolate to accompany milk, dark and white – Ruby Chocolate. It’s made from ruby cocoa beans which are found in Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil. The color comes completely naturally during the powder extracting process. The flavor is described on Barry’s website as, “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” That flavor comes naturally as well as no berry flavoring of any kind is added. Fun side note – white chocolate was invented 80 years ago. It has literally never crossed my mind that a completely new type of chocolate would be introduced.

We will have to wait somewhere between 6 and 18 months to get our hands on ruby chocolate but I imagine it will be well worth the wait while they figure out the who, what, where and how much of selling it. In the meantime, click through and read the full story of ruby chocolate.

Get it.