Pizza Shaped Bags

Pizza Shaped Ziploc Bags

I would love to be able to say that I’ve thought of pizza shaped Ziploc bags so many times and finally someone has made it, but honestly, it’s never occurred to me. It makes me feel stupid to say it, but I never once thought there should be a triangle bag for perfectly saving those leftover slices. Luckily, someone out there is far smarter than me and came up with these bags that are $3 for a box of 24 bags. They’re oversized so you can stuff the big mamma-jamma slices in there without having to fold. No word on if they’re extra thick for the deep dish slices or doubling up. I guess you’ll have to pony up $3 to find out.

What do I love most about these pizza shaped Ziploc style bags? Where do I even start? How about not having to force the box into the fridge How about not having to fold the slices to make them fit just to have to suffer through funky reheated slices? How about seeing them resting neatly in the freezer waiting for me How about the pure satisfaction of putting a triangle shaped piece of food in a triangle shaped bag? Seriously though, let’s start making a variety of bag shapes for other foods like donuts, chicken legs, and bacon.

These bags measure 10 in. wide at the top and are 11 in. from top to point.┬áIf you’re eating slices bigger than that, you probably don’t have leftovers. They’re freezer ready, so no worries there. Unfortunately, there’s no zipper action, so you’re going to have to line up the ridges like some kind of sucker, but if that’s your biggest problem today, you’re doing alright. Click that link and pick up a few packs of your very own pizza shaped Ziploc bags for $3 each and start living the good life.

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