Jolly Ranchers Pop-Tarts

where to buy Jolly Ranchers Pop-Tarts

I am the ultimate consumer in the sense that if I see a food I love out with a limited time flavor, I will buy it. I will even buy foods I don’t typically eat simply because they are special flavors, like chicken and waffle flavor chips. Well these new Pop Tarts are no different. Feast your eyes on¬†Jolly Ranchers Pop-Tarts. For a limited time we can enjoy¬†Frosted Cherry, Frosted Green Apple, and Frosted Watermelon. I’d imagine they are sweet and sour all at once. If you like to toast and butter ’em up sometimes like I do, then I’m sure it will be a whole new world of flavor.

Popsugar reports retailers will be shipping to stores this month so go ahead and add to your grocery list now so you can keep your eyes peeled with each visit. No judgement if you make special visits just to look for these – I know I sure will be doing that. For the kids of course. Happy snacking!

Get it.