General’s Hot Sauce

General’s Hot Sauce is the real deal. Their sauces are made from all-natural, 100% Louisiana-grown peppers with techniques borrowed from the bourbon and wine industries. The resulting product is almost 90% cayenne peppers with heat ratings from 5 to 9. Their original sauce is the Dead Red. It’s one of those sauces that are just so amazing you want to put it on everything including your wings. The Marine Green sauce is made from green cayenne peppers picked right before they turn red. You get that perfect breakfast and enchilada sauce that brings the tang and spice. The Shock & Awe is what you want when you’re ready to bring the heat. It’s made from Louisiana-grown orange habaneros that punch your palate with heat but also give a rich flavor. The unique bottle also can’t go unnoticed. The grenade and name are a nod to the founding military principals of the company. The sauces come in packs of 3 or you can mix it up and try the Triple Threat pack for $22. The company gives a percentage of proceeds to charities that support our soldiers and veterans: Paws4Vets, TD Foundation and The Misson Continues. Amazing hot sauces with a good cause – priceless.

Get it.