ArcticBuzz Vodka Ice Cream

Fact: when something as magical as vodka and ice cream join together, a new planet is formed out of pure galactic amazement. Real fact: ArcticBuzz has done exactly that and here to give us Vodka Ice Cream. They have created 6 home made, hand churned, super smooth and delightful ice cream flavors and then took it to the next level by working with a distillery to perfect the vodka aspect. They use their handcrafted vodka and mix it all up which result in an ice cream with an alcohol content the ranges from 8.6-8.9 ALC./VOL depending on the flavor. ArcticBuzz is based in Maryland and appears to sell the amazing stuff all over the state but not anywhere else yet. While we wait until that changes or plan a trip there – we will daydream about their flavors: cookies & cream, key lime pie, raspberry, vanilla, coconut, chocolate.

Get it.