Guiness Wheat Beer

The only question you need to be asking at this point is where can you buy Guinness Wheat Beer? It’s a new beer made by Guinness. What more is there to know? You know we’re all going to try it, and I’m guessing you’re going to love it. They use entirely Irish-grown, Irish-malted wheat in a long fermentation with the classic Guinness yeast strain. You get a little banana, clove and citrus, which is not uncommon in a wheat, but that Guinness yeast and brewery gives it a little something special. You may or may not know that Guinness has several varieties of beers on the market including a Nitro IPA, Dublin Porter, and even a Golden Ale, but a wheat has been a big hole in their lineup for a while. Pop your zip code into their finder to get the details on the nearest place to try this tasty new brew.

Get it.