Tank Garage Winery Chrome Dreams Red Wine

Let me introduce you to Tank Garage Winery. The company calls a 1930s era gas station in Napa Valley home. The winery and tasting room are just as unique and creative as the the wines they are putting out. Inspired by a simpler time in life when classic cars became a lifestyle, Tank Garage embodies that with their wine and bottles. Their latest creation, Chrome Dreams, is a┬áCabernet Sauvignon-based blend with a flavor combo described as blackberry, raspberry and leather. The bottle is what really gets our engines roaring, though. It’s chromed-glass and likely the first of its kind. It’s one of those wines you buy simply for the bottle and then are surprised by the delicious wine it holds. They nailed the design as it most definitely has a classic American car vibe with the chrome, winged-wheel emblem and smooth curves. Get on Tank Garage Winery’s mailing list to be the first to get a bottle for $75.

Get it.