Panama Geisha Coffee Liqueur

Warning: this is a post about an amazing coffee liqueur that I’m going to talk up and make you want to buy it straight away but then tell you you can’t have it. The odds of you trying this drink are slim because there are only 6 bottles made and you have to take a coffee test to potentially get your hands on one – but the test has ended. If you’re still reading then you’re a true fan of either us or coffee and booze. Panama Geisha Coffee Liqueur was created by MrBlack after being inspired by the Best of Panama competition – the Olympic games of coffee. It’s described as having a smooth velvety texture with hints of apricots and toffee. The bottle sells for $142 to the lucky 6 people that will get their hands on one. But if not, you can still head over to MrBlack’s website and get a bottle of their cold press coffee liqueur.

Get it.