Memobottle Slim

Slim memobottle price

Memobottle, which had a very successful kickstarter a while back making stylish water bottles that fit in common paper sizes is back with a new campaign. Their new bottles are A7 and slim. I’m a big fan of the slim because it fits easily in your bag without being awkward to hold. In fact, it’s pretty perfect. It holds 15 oz. in BPA and BPS free certified reusable plastic. It’s hot water and freezer safe and even dishwasher friendly. It measures a little over 10 in. by 3 in. by 1 in. You’re not going to get your hand in there to clean it out, but you can definitely stick a bottle brush in and clean her out. They sell a special memo cleaner along with a ton of other accessories if you’re so inclined. The Slim is $26.

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