HyperChiller is the definition of a life hack. It’s a very simple and affordable way to chill your hot beverages with zero dilution. Basically, there are 3 stainless steel chambers. 2 of them hold water that you freeze and the middle one holds 12.5 oz of whatever liquid you want to chill. Brew coffee straight into the chamber or even dump in some sipping gin. In less than 90 seconds the HyperChiller will chill the liquid by over 130┬░F which they say is the equivalent to dumping in 30 ice cubes at once. When I make iced coffee at home I feel like I use close to 30 ice cubes in the process so that assessment seems accurate. The chamber can be used twice for a total of 25 ozs of freezing cold deliciousness. When you’re done, give it a rinse or wash on the top rack in the dishwasher. The best part – it’s only $30.

Get it.