Guillermo del Toro Patron Tequila and Liqueur

Guillermo del Toro Tequila Price

What do Patron and Guillermo del Toro have in common? Well, they’re both popular, brilliant, and innovators, but the key here is that they’re both from Jalisco, Mexico. It’s a natural collaboration and we’re all lucky it happened. They’ve worked together (along with Guillermo’s longtime collaborator, artist Guy Davis) to create a combination tequila and liqueur in what has to be one of the best bottles and packages of all time. Guillermo’s projects are often dark and wild, and this set is no different. It comes with two votive candles to set the mood for drinking from the bottle that looks like a skeleton and opens on the top and bottom. One side holds the liqueur that is “deep, sweet and reveals new depths of flavor when combined with the included tequila.” That tequila is an extra anejo¬†bright golden sweet tequila with oak and agave finish. I can’t get over how awesome this set is. It’s not cheap at about $550, but it is worth it for the true fan.

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