Growler Chill

growler chill price

Let’s go ahead and give the Growler Chill a big round of applause! First, they have created an amazing Kickstarter campaign – thorough and entertaining; second, they have crushed their funding goals with 1,113 backers and counting; and third, they have created a product that is so necessary and perfect: the Growler Chill.

The Growler Chill is a countertap for growlers that is made to fit under your cabinets so you can put it in your kitchen, in your bar, in the man cave, at the cabin, etc. In short, it preserves freshness, purges oxygen and keeps your delicious craft beer cold for a fresh and flavorful brew – just as the brewer would want you to have it. Traditionally, growlers will only keep your beer fresh for a day or two meaning you’re doing a lot of drinking in a short time or you’re committing the shameful act of dumping. Well waste or chug no more. You can fit 64 or 32 oz standard growlers in your machine at once and it will keep them cold, dark, free from oxygen and carbonated to perfection.

To sweeten the pot, the Growler Chill has a wifi enabled app so you can have features such as remote temperature control, beer volume tracker, and history of beers loaded. Check your beer stock before inviting friends to your place for the after party or stay put on the couch when you answer the age old question of, “can I bring anything?”

I know you’re ready to order this now, but I encourage you to check out their Kickstarter campaign and read through it to see how a successful, well thought out product should be done. Then back the Grolwer Chill for $379 and wait anxiously to receive in August.


Get it.