Glenfiddich Winter Storm Single Malt Whisky

Trying new things in the whisky world can be risky but if done well, the outcome is magical. It appears Glenfiddich’s new Winter Storm Single Malt Whisky achieved that magical status and is the season’s must-try whisky. The idea was born when their Malt Master Brian Kinsman toured a Niagara winery and learned their methods of picking grapes at moonlight in 14˚F temps. He took the Icewine casks and filled them with 21 year malts and aged for 6 months. The outcome, as described by Glenfiddich, is a heightened candied sweets and oakiness of Glenfiddich with notes of tropical fruit. If you’re lucky enough to get your lips on a bottle, they run for about $265. Cheers!

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