Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum

Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum is setting out on a mission to motivate people to help clean up the oceans. And all you have to do to help is buy and drink their rum – that’s a win-win scenario! Starting with the bottle made from recycled glass, we begin the sustainable story of this alcohol. It has a clean, sleek design that is meant to be reused. Next up is the cap that is made from recycled waste in the ocean – mainly Coca-Cola bottles that were polluting the Dutch Seas. The bottles are the main component in these beautiful marble caps. Now we move on to the inside. The rum is a delightful Navy Style blend of flavors from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad to really encapsulate the Caribbean Islands taste you expect in rum. The bottle comes in a wrapper that opens up to an amazing piece of art. You have to check out their website to get all the details and to contact a distributer.

Get it.