Cutwater Canned Cocktails

Cutwater is the summer hero right about now. They are making canned cocktails in delicious flavors. They have a spicy and a mild Bloody Mary, Rum & Ginger Beer, Rum & Cola, Gin & Tonic and a few different flavors of vodka & soda water including cucumber, grapefruit, lime and orange. The alcohol content varies with each drink but they range from 6.2-10% alcohol content. The drinks all use Cutwater liquor but I want to mention the Fugu Vodka used which I’ve never tried but I’ve heard great things about how smooth it is with a price tag that make it unbeatable. These cans will be so great out by the pool where you don’t want to keep getting out to make more drinks and it’s really not safe to keep that glass bottle or pitcher within reach. They are easy to travel, let you open only what you’re going to drink and then save the rest. Keep your eyes peeled for the cans at your local store – there doesn’t appear to be pricing or availability out just yet.



Get it.