Clear Coffee

Jackie Chan once said, “coffee is a language in itself.” I wonder what he would say about clear coffee? Well, we reached out to him and he said… just kidding, we didn’t. But I bet he would say something about how kickass the idea of clear coffee is and folks – it’s not just an idea, it’s real. This very clever group from Slovakia decided they no longer wanted to sip on a beverage that stains their teeth and instead of switching to a different beverage, they redesigned the one they already know and love. Clear Coffee is made from¬†high quality, fresh roasted, Arabica coffee beans and pure water then put into 200 ml bottles for your drinking pleasure. Each bottle has 50 mg of caffeine which is about what is in your coffee and espresso drinks anyhow except this clear version doesn’t have any¬†preservatives, stabilizers, sugar, or sweeteners. Get a pack of 5 bottles for just under $17 but keep in mind shipping will be pricey since it’s coming straight from the source in the UK.

Get it.