Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka

Seriously, I just love life. Black Cow is here with pure milk vodka to quench our thirst. There seems to be a clear divide among people – the lovers and the haters of milk. But regardless where you fall on that spectrum, this is still something that sounds so interesting you at least have to try it! And for the record, I think all forms of milk are amazing from regular to toasted coconut almond milk. Moving on, Black Cow pure milk vodka is made from grass grazed cows rather than grain or potatoes. It has a smooth, creamy finish that is enjoyed at room temperature perhaps with some cookies or in a White Russian. The English distillery that makes this delicious goodness typically focuses on cheese but now they also convert it to vodka. Their milk is separated into curds and whey – the whey is then fermented into beer followed by distilling and treating during a secret blending process, triple filtered and bottled. $40 and an excited pallet with get you a .7 liter bottle.

Get it.