Barefoot Bucha

Barefoot Bucha kombucha

So your acupuncturist and yoga instructor have been telling you about kombucha, but you’re skeptical? I understand. Most of the crap you can get, even in the big name health food stores, is watered down peacock piss. In an attempt to meet government regulations regarding the barely measurable alcohol and fermentation, most brands capitulate and weaken their drink. Not so for Barefoot Bucha, they go full mad scientist up in the hills of Virginia like old school shiners. They pack so much flavor into these bottle, it isn’t fair to call it the same thing as the other kombucha brands because it is that much better. Personal experience talking here. I don’t even drink the other stuff. This isn’t available to the masses yet, though. Currently, you can get this beautiful kombucha only in the mid-atlantic states. The next time you’re in D.C. or the surrounding area, pick up some of this.

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