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Roli Seaboard Grand Keyboard Price Cost

Roli Seaboard

What kind of astro-magic alien sound generating wonderfulness is this? Roli has created an entirely new musical instrument that appears to be what the…

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Sodastream Mix Price Cost

Mix by SodaStream

So the Soda Stream carbonates water – yeah that’s cool, but the Mix carbonates anything! Finally, if you’ve ever carbonated water with a soda…

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GoPro HeroCast Price Cost

GoPro HeroCast

This live stream kit is not your average GoPro accessory and definitely isn’t for your hobby adventurer. With a price tag of $7,500 when…

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3D Robotics Solo Drone Price

3DR Solo Drone

Announced not coincidentally near the DJI Phantom 3, 3D Robotics’ new Solo drone may give the Phantom 3 a run for its money. Billed…

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