Tech gifts for guys

The great Case large phone phablet easy hold case

The Great Case

Two dudes have put together the most basic kickstarter campaign for a most basic product that solves a huge problem (#firstworldproblems) as our phones…

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Illume Arc Lighter flameless lighter price

Illume Arc Lighter

I can’t believe they’re selling this thing on the ability to light deep set candles. This little killer creates a super high-intensity electric arc…

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Superfly Awesome Cool Android Cables price

Superfly Cables

Forget that limp plastic “came with charger” cable that has worn through to the wires and is about to electrocute you. Do that several…

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Podo stickable selfie camera price

Podo Sticky Camera

Forget selfies, I see this as being perfect for sticking and leaving in place for things like semi-time lapse, catching visitors at the front…

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