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GoPro Hero+ LCD Price Cost

GoPro Hero+ LCD

GoPro has made more news (after announcing their VR and drone plans recently) by adding to their line of action cameras with the new…

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USB Charge Doubler Price Cost

USB Charge Doubler

Sometimes you need to charge your phone or device fast. We’ve all been there. You plugin then check back 15 mins later and you’ve…

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Googel Photos App

Google Photos

Google has announced a lot of stuff this week, but one of the most interesting to me is Google Photos. The new service will…

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Mixfader Crossfader Price Cost


I’m sure this is a useful tool for DJs to make them more effective or efficient or something, but most of us are going…

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Gravity Light GL2 Price Cost

Gravity Light GL02

A while back a few geniuses solved the problem of people getting burned from kerosene and other flammable gas indoor lighting (mostly 3rd world…

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Android Auto Hyundai Price Cost

Android Auto

I’ve been saying for a while now that all I want in my car is a tablet running one of the major operating systems…

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Smartphin price cost scientist surfer


We should all become citizen scientists. No, seriously. Out of a confusing collaboration of Board Formula, Bellweather, and Lost Bird, that I don’t totally…

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I imagine that if the crew from Star Trek were to land on Earth with the intent of staying for a while, they’d bring…

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Swimmo swim tracker price cost


Swimmo is an activity track specifically for swimmers. At first, you may think that sounds way too specific to warrant buying a device, but…

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