Tech gifts for guys

Panl1 Thinnest Speakers by Vettr

Panl1 Speakers by Vetr

These incredible speakers are only 1.3mm thick carbon on stainless steel stands and sound amazing. Two brothers, an engineer and a designer, in Phoenix…

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Wiral Cable Cam Price

Wiral Cable Cam

In the next installment of professional cinematography equipment being brought to the people in an affordable and approachable way, we have the Wiral Cable Cam….

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Saber Portable Charger

If anyone understands the need for a well made, reliable portable charger – it’s me. I use one almost daily (that online marketing life)….

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Razer Ring light Webcam

Razor Webcam Ringlight

The Razer Kiyo Ringlight is an innovative streaming accessory, but I’m mad that it isn’t already the standard. Ring lights create that perfect glow…

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Trek Camera Slider Price

Trek Camera Slider

More and more regular folks are creating amazing content for personal and the new category of semi-personal use. Everyone has a blog or Insta…

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Amazon Cloud Cam

It wouldn’t be another day in this crazy world if Amazon wasn’t announcing some life-revolutionizing technology. Today we are learning about the Amazon Cloud Cam….

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Candy Corn Shooter

FINALLY! A good use for candy corn! Make your very own Candy Corn Shooter via 3D printer thanks to Dragonfly Fabrication. He set out to create…

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