Gifts for guys full of style

Mission Belt Company Vader wide black leather belt price

Mission Vader Belt

This is a good looking functional belt that makes you feel good by¬†always having a perfect fit and helping end global hunger/poverty. The name…

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Frame a patent art prints price cost

Patent Art

Frame a Patent has pretty much every awesome invention and pop icon patent art print you could want. Whatever you or someone you know…

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Miki Eleta Timeburner Piston Watch


Miki Eleta has gotten extremely creative with their new watch. Instead of hands in a circle like the wristwatches cavemen wore, this piece of…

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Antler and Ironwood Titanium Comfort Fit Mens Ring

Antler Ring

It’s not easy finding the right wedding ring for a guy these days. I don’t know too many dudes who want the gaudy gold…

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Jack Kerouac Art Print Blind artist John Bramblitt

Blind Art

John Bramblitt was just a regular dude who unfortunately lost his sight. Then he learned how to paint and became a great artist. If…

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