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Lappad price buy cost


If you’ve ever been laid up sick at home but still needed to get work done, you will immediately appreciate the Lappad. Also, if…

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Ballast Key Island Southernmost point USA Price Buy

Ballast Key

This is your chance to own the 26 acre island that is the southernmost spot of land in the United States (obviously not counting…

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Chameleon Pen Kickstarter Price Buy

Chameleon Pen

This pen can draw in a gradient of colors with just one pen! It uses a specially designed blender nib inside the pen that…

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Pluginz Jack Rack Keychains

Jack Rack

Pluginz Keychains’ motto for their Jack Racks is “hang your ¬†keys like a rockstar”, and I gotta say, there is something that definitely makes…

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