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Boa Sofa

Switch Modern is the maker of many very unique, very cool and very upscale furniture and home decor. They’re sticking to those points with…

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Gravinky Air Ink

Some extremely smart people have figured out how to make ink from air pollution. That’s not a gimmick either, they really do collect pollution…

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earth table price

Earth Table

This gorgeous Earth Table was created by Renzo Piano, a world renowned Italian architect and engineer who is behind buildings such as the Centre Georges Pompidou…

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SPEN Fidget Pen

Don’t fight the fidget – embrace it. Forget all those people who get annoyed with we fidgeters and grab this sleek pen. The sPEN (Spin…

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Grid Game Kickstarter

Grid Game

Like dominoes but hate math or love Scrabble but hate reading, then this awesome tile game is for you! Grid Game is a beautiful…

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sky b plane bed price

Sky B Plane Bed

Nurture your little pilot’s daydreaming with this amazing Sky B Plane Bed. The design is inspired by the Disney movie Planes. It appears to…

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couch arm table price

Couch Arm Table

The couch arm table is somewhere between balancing stuff on your knees and using a TV tray. Have a little more peace of mind…

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