Cool stuff for guys

Marshmallow Crossbow

I can’t think of anything more fun to shoot than marshmallows! MMX’s Mallow Bow launches the fluffy stuff of any size 60 feet and…

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Lego Tape

Nimuno Loops are the brainchild of two¬†professional industrial designers that focus on designing toys to engage children with the physical world and encourage creativity….

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Doghouse Hotel

Doghouse Brewery is crowdfunding a hotel as a part of their new brewery. This isn’t just any old Motel 6 though. The theme of…

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Butter Savers

In today’s addition of, “why the f didn’t I think of that?!” we bring you the butter savers. They are made of silicone which…

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Stardeck Playing Cards

I LOVE these playing cards from Lunar Saloon. They are the perfect balance between the classic look we associate with playing cards and knowing…

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