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Happier Camper HC1 Price Cost

Happier Camper HC1

There’s no shortage of awesome camper trailers out there and even more plans for the DIY option (highly recommended) but the design of the…

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Infiniti Gran Tourismo GT Concept price cost

Infiniti Vision GT

It’s not every day that a mainstream car company brings a concept car to life, but Infiniti has done just that. The Vision Gran…

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Smart Rim Distance Detector App price cost

Smart Rim

I love all the great tech coming out for cars and hope the big car companies realize that it is in their best interest…

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Turncycle motorcycle turning disc price cost


If you ride a motorcycle you will immediately see the utility of this disc. It is basically a lazy susan for your ride so…

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Gridboard honeycomb skateboard price cost 6

Gridboard + ePaddle

This is certainly interesting. The creative minds at Hyve in Munich, Germany have created a very cool looking carbon skateboard with a honeycomb grid…

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Lane Splitter price cost

Lane Splitter Concept

Fast Company got together with creative firm Argodesign to envision a concept car that can actually split into two closed top motorcycles. This isn’t…

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