Bioware Anthem Release Date

Anthem Game

Bioware has made some waves with their latest big game announcement called Anthem. On the surface it looks like an amazing, entirely new world…

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Tour de Pharmacy

Oh damn, son. HBO Films is taking on the cycling world with a new mockumentary called Tour de Pharmacy. It stars a million celebrities…

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Roseanne Returns

If you’re old enough to remember this show, you are officially stoked. Back when this was on the air, there were no other options…

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The Hunter’s Prayer

Assassin movies will never get old for me. It’s such a fascinating, nearly unbelievable profession, that even action flicks on the subject suck me…

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The Dark Tower

Excited! Yes, I’m excited about this movie because I love the series. However, we all need to understand that this is a roughly two…

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