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Gerber GDC EDC Belt Price Cost

Gerber GDC Belt

You’re not a bull rider and you’ve never busted a bronc, so why do you want to make a fashion statement with your buckle?…

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Treo chair Price Therm-a-rest

Treo Camp Chair

This fold away camp chair from Therm-a-Rest breaks down to be stored in its own legs. Using materials similar to a tent with poles…

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Ockham Razor Price

Ockham Razor

Based on a principle developed by a very smart Franciscan friar (I like to picture a drunk Friar Tuck from Robin Hood) which boils…

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SIPA Electric SUP Price Paddle Board Cost 2


I’ve seen a few varieties of powered boards from surf to stand up, but this is one of the best. It uses an electric…

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Pinch Multitool Price Cost

Pinch Multitool

The keychain EDC multitool for the serious minimalist the Pinch from Metal Dreamer is a 1.5″ x .5″ stainless steel or titanium splinter of…

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Tool Pen Mini Mininch price cost

Tool Pen Mini

In a quick follow up to a successful kickstarter campaign to bring us the Tool Pen, Mininch has launched a new smaller version that…

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