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Smart Halo Bike Price Cost

Smart Halo

Smart Halo manages to be an all in one bike computer and mobile device without any buttons or alphanumeric display. It has just a…

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Selkbag Price Cost Kickstarter Selk'bag


It’s finally happened. The evolution of the sleeping bag has gone from rectangle, to mummy, to a hybrid from REI, to the full on…

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Addidas Terrex X King Price Cost Release

Adidas Terrex X King

If you’re looking for a lightweight but burly and aggressive trail shoe for sloppy rock and loose terrain, the Adidas Terrex X King shoes…

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Kazbrella Price Cost kickstarter


Every umbrella you own or have ever owned is broken and backwards. How do I know? Because Kazbrella has figured out how they should…

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Leveraxe Kickstarter Price Cost


If you need to chop wood, put down that vanity axe you’re probably going to chop you leg off with and pick up a…

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Wing lights price cost bicycle turn signals

Wing Lights

There are all kinds of options these days for letting cars know where you’re going on your bike, but this is one of the…

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Truck Airbedz price cost shark tank

Truck AirBedz

Much like the SUV air mattress, the Truck AirBedz put a perfectly fit air mattress in the bed of your truck for every time…

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P-locks price cost kickstarter


If you think about it, there are many situations where you’d like to lock something down, but you’re out in the middle of nowhere…

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