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Lil Trucker Multitool Price Cost

Lil Trucker

I usually hate being forced to say ‘lil’, but there’s nothing wimpy about this little brother of the Trucker’s Friend from Innovation Factory that…

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Cinch Popup Tent Price Cost

Cinch PopUp Tent

We’ve come a loooong way from the tents that wowed and amazed then quickly disappointed everyone in 1995 when that garbage movie Congo came…

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4id power spur running safety light price cost

Power Spurz Safety Light

Okay, sometimes you require the utmost stealth and want to blend in to your surroundings to complete your missions undetected. Sounds good 007, but most…

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Polar Pro Strap Mount Price Cost

GoPro Strap Mount

Made by Polar Pro, this GoPro mount is made to securely attach to any strap, like a backpack, scuba bcd, PFD or a harness….

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Drytunes Waterproof Dustproof Speaker Storage Price Cost

Drytunes Speaker

I like this idea a lot. It’s not the firs time we’ve given a high five to a product that combines music and technology….

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