The best gear for guys

JHO GS1 Knife

The GS1 from JHO knives is short for the Gentleman Slasher. That might be enough reason to drop $260 for one, but there are…

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Supflex BigSup

I’m a simple person who desires simple things such as this $2,600 SUP that holds 10 people. Ok, forget the simple part but I…

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Steer Carrier

You can get a rack on the front of your bike in a lot of ways, but this handlebar rack makes it as easy…

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Cloudview Hammock

I’ve never met a hammock I don’t like and if you’ve been following the Upscout for any amount of time, you know we cover…

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Blunt Umbrella

If you want a strong as hell, long-lasting, well-designed umbrella that will keep you dry today, tomorrow and the rest of time, you need…

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