Smithfly Shoal Floating Tent PRice

SmithFly Raft Tent

If the apocalypse comes in the form of endless rain and global flooding, you may want to have the SmithFly new Shoal Tent raft…

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Goliath CNC Price Kickstarter

Goliath CNC

First, it was the Shaper Origin handheld CNC that innovated the CNC by putting it in your hand and letting you cut whatever you…

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The Composite Yoak

I’m always blown away by innovation in the fitness industry when it comes to the equipment. We’ve been using the same tools for a…

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Hessen Yachts Price

Hessen 83M Yacht

File this one under fantasy. The 83 M Hessen Yacht is the absolute tops in luxury yachting. Do you see that waterfall pool between…

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Mako Powered Surfboard Price

Mako Powered Surfboard

Mako isn’t going in for all the electric business in surfboards. They’re loading the Slingshot with a 2-stroke jet motor for speeds up to…

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Toyota TJ Cruiser Release

Toyota TJ Cruiser

Toyota is showing us the future vehicle of every wedding DJ. They’re calling it the TJ and it’s a cross between an SUV and…

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