Buy T-Rex Tape

T-Rex Tape

It’s hard to even imagine someone is claiming their tape is better than duct tape, but I suppose if someone is going to, it…

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Griff Drone Price

Griff Drone

Whoa, this new Griff 300 drone from Griffin Aviation can carry up to 661 pounds of payload and can stay in the air for…

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CHIPS 2017 Movie Release Date

CHIPS 2017 Movie

I have only ever watched reruns of the original CHIPS show, but I’m stoked on this new movie starring Michael Pena and Dax Shepherd…

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Jack Daniel’s Coffee

Wake and smell the whiskey. Jack Daniel’s has a gourmet coffee that is roasted and manufactured in the U.S. and infused with their Old No….

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One Wheel Plus Price 1499

One Wheel Plus

I’m just going to say it. One Wheel is the clear winner of best all purpose electric skateboard. Sure, there are some faster, some smaller,…

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Chipolo Sticker Bluetooth Tracker

Chipolo Sticker

Bluetooth trackers are great for things like your keys and phone, but what about that stuff that doesn’t easily accept a big rectangle or…

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